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Your success is our business


Who Are We?

Strategy Plus Accounting is a public accounting firm with over 10 years of experience in the accounting and taxation service field. Our firm has grown primarily because of satisfied clients who continue to refer new clients to us. Our goal is to provide timely, high quality, professional services for individuals and businesses. We are focused and committed to our clients'​ initial and long-term needs.

What Do We Do?

We open year around to answer your accounting, taxes and payroll inquiries. We provide professional services with incorporation, business registration, bookkeeping, payroll, Financial Statements, tax planning and budgeting, personal tax and corporation tax preparation. We serve individual clients and small to mid-size businesses throughout the Great Toronto Area.


Personal Tax Preparation (T1)

1 hr 30 min | Starting from $50.00

Corporate Tax Preparation (T2)

1 hr | $350.00

Tax Planning

1 hr | $100.00

Bookkeeping & Accounting

1 hr | $120.00

Incorporate Your Business

1 hr | $450.00


Cathy Ma, CEO

Anna Liu, CPA

Shaly Guo, CPA, CGA

Jennifer Zhang, Senior Accountant

Eric Yao, CPA, CGA

Sherry Luo, Senior Accountant